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Hello to Everyone

On this page we are posting events that will be held at Silk Road Traveler in the coming months. We will also be posting upcoming events on our facebook, and we encourage all to visit our facebook page.

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Namaste Yogi's! Now you can enjoy yoga classes throughout the week.



9:30 am -Yin Yoga - come and work away the week's stresses with Gant.



12 pm -Munch & Crunch Yoga with Grant



store is closed til October



6:00pm - From work to mat, all levels of Yoga with Heather. Starting May 18th Heather is offering a 6 week program.



4:30 pm - Relieve those stresses from the work week with Grant.



May 6

Yoga Restore with Heather Huck
Everyday we are bombarded with stresses that weigh heavily on our nervous systems and cause havoc in our bodies, minds and hearts. A restorative yoga practice is one tool that can be used to help with the effects that unchecked stress can create. It calms our nervous systems, promotes a grounded centered feeling, increases self-awareness and is deeply nourishing. Pure essential oils and relaxing tunes are used to enhance the whole Yoga Restorative experience. 

Workshop Cost: $35.00 per person.
Contact information to register or inquire: Call or text Heather at 706-889-9580

11am to 2pm
May 18th 
to June 22nd
Yoga Happy Hour  
June 3
Barbara Border returns with her Singing Bowls for a singin bowl meditation session. Bring mat, pillow and your heart and mind for an exhilirating experience with sound.  9:30 am
June 3 Heather workshop 2:30 to 6pm
June 4

Applying Spiritual Principles that will Change Your Life with Diane Edwards"
This is an entry-level class in the study of the Science of Mind. You will be introduced to the basics of the Science of Mind, Spiritual Mind Treatment, Meditation, Visioning and other Universal Spirital Principles and Practices. 
Each week will consist of the exploration of these spiritual principles and practices that you can use to build a solid foundation in all areas of your life. You will learn to use the "Creative Process" as well as powerful and practical tools to "change your thinking, change your life" and you'll experience that adventure with like-minded people. 
In addtion to reading and writing exercises each week, there are guided meditations and exercises to assist you in applying, embracing and incorporating Science of Mind Principles in your own life. 

Cost: $125 for the 8 week course or $20 per class. Books will be supplied - Maximun 15 people
To register call: Silk Road Traveler (706) 946-6294

2:30pm to 4:40pm