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Hello to Everyone

On this page we are posting events that will be held at Silk Road Traveler in the coming months. We will also be posting upcoming events on our facebook, and we encourage all to visit our facebook page.


Namaste Yogi's! Now you can enjoy yoga classes throughout the week.



9:30 am -Yin Yoga - come and work away the week's stresses with JoAnn.

Sunday: 4:30 pm -For all levels of yoga practitioners width JoAnn. Great way to work off that Sunday Brunch  


12 pm -Munch & Crunch Yoga with JoAnn



store is closed til October



Noon: -All levels with JoAnn

4:30 pm - All levels of Yoga with JoAnn

5:45 pm - From work to mat, all levels of Yoga with JoAnn



Noon: All levels with Grant

4:30 pm - Relieve those stresses from the work week with Grant.


Mar 28

Working With Oracles with Jean Adrienne
Learn to use the InnerSpeak Cards to clear karmic and ancestral blocks that are keeping you back from creating what you want in your life. Unlock the poower in your DNA with the Reconnecting Soul -142 DNA Activation Deck. Jean will do individual readings to demonstrate. Jean Adrienne is the creator of both of these decks, and decks will be available for purchase. 

Contact: Silk Road Traveler at 706.946.6294



Apr 1st

Your Chakras, Your Health
In this workshop you will learn what your chakras are, what they do, their location, the color and stone that they resonate with, the organs and glands that they effect. You will learn how to use a pendulum to determinc if your chakras are open (functioning properly) or closed (not functioning properly) and how to open them for optimal health. You will be pared with a partner to work with you, or bring a friend or family member and partner with them. Together you will learn how to detect energy, send energy and how to detect the HEF or the Human Energy Field, by learning also the seven layers of the auric field. All attendees will leave with a complete chakra tune up and will learn how to maintain their chakras. 

Cost per indvidual is $50.00 for a couple $80.00
Schedule:11am to 12:30 presentation of the material. 12:30 to 1pm lunch (please bring) 1pm to 2:30 pm workshop demonstrations.
To Register, call Silk Road Traveler (706) 946-6294
Dr. Dee Massengale holds a Docorae of Divinity in Paranormal Studies, Masters Degrees in Counseling Psychology and Exercise Physology both from Georgia State University and is also a Reiki Master. 

11 am to 2pm

Apr 15th

Past Life Regression with Vicki Wagoner
We have all lived befor and carry memories from our past lives! Unconscious memories carry and energetic charge and continue to affect us, either in a positive or undesirable way. Vicki, guiding you in a sfe and compassionate environment, offers you the opportunity to relax into the rememberance of a previous life memory. She will assist you to observe your past life, guide you through the transition to obtain the gift of the lesson from that life experience. 

Cost: $45 - Journals provided. Please feel free to bring a mat, pillow and blankets for your personal comfort. 
Call: Silk Road Traveler (706) 946-6294 to reserve your spot!
Vicki Wagoner, The Practical Intuitive, assiste people to change their perspective in order to change their life with Interactive Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Intuitive Guidance and Creative Art Workshops. 

1pm to 4pm
Apr 29
Kate Stockman presents Touch Stones - Ancedotal Art
Renown Gem Artist, Kate Stockman will be presenting her anecdotal art (gems with a story) for the first time in Blue Ridge.  Each of her piece carries a story of how it was created, each stone sings a unique song, and perhaps it will resonate with your heart. Her prices are affordable, and the quality of her stones are high. 
11am to 4pm
Apr 30

Light Up Your Intentions with Kate Stockman
Kate Stockman will be conducting a workshop she likes to call "Playshop" on how to make your own beeswax candles. She will talk about bees, the hives, and how honey and beeswax are created. She will teach the participants to roll their own beeswax candles. The Intention comes in when you roll a sllip of paper that carries your wish into the layers of beeswax candle you are making. When you light up the candle, you are lighting up your intention. 

Cost: $25 per person, handouts along with beeswax and wicks are provided. 

Call: Silk Road Traveler (706) 946-6294 for reserve your space as it is limited to 15 participants.