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October Events At Silk Road Traveler



Namaste Yogi's! Now you can enjoy yoga classes throughout the week.



 10 am -Yin Yoga - come and work away the week's stresses with Gant. Session $10.00



10 am - Yin Fow Yoga with Grant



10 am - Get ready for the Weekend stress with Yin Flow Yoga with Grant

 Singing Bowl Meditation with Barbara Border
October 15th 
 11 am to 12:30pm 

Let the vibrations of these bowels open your inner eye to the wonders of the universe and download your chakras with loving energy. A great way to end your weekend!

Cost: $12.00 per person.


Iridology - What's It All About with Antje Freund
Tuesday, October 24th
5:30 to 6:30 pm

The iris – the colored portion of the eye - is a magnificent place to see the genetics of a person’s body. This talk by Antje Freund invites you to learn how iris analysis, or iridology, as a non-invasive assessment tool can show the iridologist which areas of the body are genetically strong and the specific areas that need support through superior nutrition and exercise. Iridology is the study of the color, pigmentation and structure of the iris and helps gaining a better understanding of the body, providing you the tools to live healthfully according to your heritage.

Natural health and healthful living has been a long-term interest and focus for Antje Freund, ranging from creating healthy living environments through thoughtful restoration of 500 year old buildings, through research work in environmental pollution situations to studying the connection between health and the food we eat. Antje studied and worked at the Hippocrates Health Institute, where she learned to create health promoting eating and lifestyle habits. She is a certified plant based chef, supporting people to implement dietary changes in their daily lives, teaching about the benefits of juicing, sprouting and how to create more nutritious versions of comfort foods. She has been studying iridology, nutrition, cleansing and herbalism with her mentor, Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen, an iridology and natural healing practitioner of 30 years. Antje is an IIPA - certified iridology practitioner (International Iridology Practitioner Association).
Cost: Donation