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Aura Cacia Lime

$6.11 each


Aura Cacia Lime Oil

(Citrus aurantifolia)

A refreshing scent that has an enourmous amount of healing properties. In ancient times ships did not leave port without barrels of limes to protect sailors from Vitamin C deficiency, then called scurvy. 

Lime has a vibrant, citrus aroma. The essential oil fights infection (especially from rusty objects, such as nails,) and is useful for colds, flue an fevers. It is a good air disinfectant, as it cleans and refreshes the air. 

Lime relieves anxiety, exhaustion, and apathy while it refreshes the spirit and uplifts the mind. 


Viscosity: none

Top Note: Citrus

Dry Note: 


Product Details: 

Ingredients: Citrus aurantifolia

Origen: U.S.A., Mexico, West Indies.

Size: 5fl oz (15ml)


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